The Hirer will be responsible for the first U.S $2000 damages to vehicle while in his/her possession or of any and every claim made upon the insurers of the user of the vehicle in respect of the contract. Drivers under 25 years of age are responsible for the first U.S $2500.00.

The Hirer will deposit a sum in additon to the hireage. The deposit will be refunded at the expiration of the Contract if there is no loss of acessories damage to the vehicle (or claim for damage pending) or rental charges owing.


In consideration of the covenants herein contained EASTERN RENT-A-CAR & TRANSPORT LIMITED hereby leases to the Renter upon the terms set out on the reverse side the Motor Vehicle described, herein referred to as “vehicle”.

    1. Renter acknowledeges that the vehicle is the property of Owner and that the renter received it in good mechanical condition.

    2. Renter agrees not to use said vehicle for the transportation of persons or property for hire or reward express or implied; not to use it in violation of any act, law or ordinance, rule or regulation governing the use or return thereof.

    3. The failure to notify Owner of any change of address or the failure to return the above car at the specified date and time will render this agreement null and void; and the owner shall have the right to recover possession of said vehicle at any time without notice to the Renter.

    4. Renter agrees to return said vehicle to the Owner at the point of origin on due date or at demand of Owner. If the vehicle is not returned at specified time or on demand then it may be considered conversion and may be treated the same as theft of vehicle from the street. Owner reserves the right to recover possession of said vehicle at any time without notice to the Renter.

    5. It is expressley agreed that the Renter is not the agent, servant or employee of the Owner in any manner whatsoever.

    6. That the Renter will return said motor vehicle in as good condition as received, ordinary wear and tear expected and will promptly pay all charges for rent also all damages to said vehicle and all charges for loss of spare tyre, tools and accessories, and all reasonable expenses, including engine damage through negligence and including resonable Attorney's fee incurred by Owner in the enforcement of this agreement.

    7. The Renter further agrees that he understands that the Owner is not responsible for injuries sustained by Renter, driver or passengers or guests while riding in or alighting from or getting into or on said vehicle, or liability imposed upon or assumed by assurance under any Workman's Compensation Act plan or law or any contract of whatever nature and requires that every accident must be immediately reported in writing to the Station from which the vehicle is rented and in any event within 24 hours after the accident and Renter or driver must immediately deliver to the Station from which Vehicle is rented as soon as practicable. Every process paper of any kind relating to any and all claims and suits received by Renter or driver.

    The vehicle herein described shall not be operated:

    (a). By any person in violation of the law as to age.Driver must be over (21) twenty-one years of age and in possession of a valid licence for 3 years.

    (b). In any race or speed contest.

    (c). To propel or tow any vehicle.

    (d). By any other driver other than the Renter who signed this agreement or his wife. No other person should operate this vehicle without permission from the Owner

    (e). By driver or renter who has a fictitious name or false address.

    (f). By any person under the influence of intoxicants or narcatics.

    (g). For any illegal purpose inclusive of any use or about to be used for any such suspected purpose.

    (h). In any way recklessly , as to speed or otherwise. The company accepts no responsibility for personal injury to the Renter, his passengers or driver.

    Insurance does not cover claims brought against the Renter by his passengers, damages to the Renter of his driver nor does it cover wanton or malicious damages. It also does not cover damages or loss caused by Renters carelessness or negligence.

    The Renter hereby warrants that he/she does not suffer from any physical; mental or legal disability and that he/she has not been refused auto mobile insurance by any company during the past three years.

    The Renter agrees that he/she shall have no claim against the Company or its agents for delays or loss of time or personal expense, involves due to accident or mechanical breakdown or flat tyres.

    The Renter agrees to immediately report to the Company's head office and to the nearest Police Station any accident or collision in which the rented vehicle is involved.

    Renter should not administer any repairs to rented vehicle without Owner's consent, failure to adhere will result in the security deposit being seized by the company.

    The Company reserves the right to retain the following amount on cancelation:

    a) 50% of applicable rental costs, on rental four days and over.

    b) 100% of applicable rental costs on rentals of one to three days duration.

    Only the approved Renter or Authorized Renter-Driver of vehicle is permitted to drive. If any person other than the aforementioned drives the vehicle NO INSURANCE COVERAGE WILL APPLY   

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